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Mezuzah -> Best Sellers -> Aluminum Weather-proof Classic Mezuzah Case - Silver

This mezuzah case is a good solution for an inexpensive quality mezuzah case. A light Silver brushed aluminum cover has an engraved black lettered outlined shin on the case, Which comes in several sizes. Smallest size 2.8" upto 5".

This mezuzah screws open on the bottom for insertion of the parchment, and is attached to the doorpost by two sided adhesive tape which comes with the mezuzah case.

ItemIDSize Price Amount
AMH-LSAM13.6 inches (up to 2.8 Inches Scroll)9.9$
AMH-LSAM24.8 inches (up to 4.0 Inches Scroll)9.9$
AMH-LSAM35.5 inches (up to 4.7 Inches Scroll)9.9$
AMH-LSAM56.8 inches (up to 6.0 Inches Scroll)11.4$
Additional Items (special price, valid only with purchase of primary item):
  • Kosher Mezuzah Scroll     Price: $30.7    
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