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We are proud to deliver the best Mezuzah cases & parchments, the finest brands & artists, Straight from the source - the holy land of Israel.
Special Offers
Silver and Gold Jerusalem Wall Mezuzah
As low as $23.4
Gold and Silver Plated Hamsa Mezuzah
As low as $23.4
Magen David Mahogany Mezuzah
As low as $13
Gold and Silver Plated Jerusalem Mezuzah
As low as $26
Blessing Pewter Mezuzah
As low as $16
Jerusalem Old City Lucite Mezuzah by Dorit Klein
As low as $17.2
Pewter Jerusalem Mezuzah
As low as $18.1

Best Sellers
Light+Brown+Natural+Wood+Mezuzah+Case 1. Light Brown Natural Wood Mezuzah Case
Silver+and+Gold+color+Jerusalem+Wall+Mezuzah 2. Silver and Gold color Jerusalem Wall Mezuzah
Red+Pewter12+Tribe+Breastplate+Mezuzah 3. Red Pewter12 Tribe Breastplate Mezuzah
Round+Pewter+Mezuzah+-+Standard 4. Round Pewter Mezuzah - Standard
$29.9 to $33.8
Pewter+Menorah+design+Two-Tone+Wood+Mezuzah 5. Pewter Menorah design Two-Tone Wood Mezuzah
Shalom! Just wanted to let you know that I received my Mezuzahs and scrolls. I am disabled, and finances have become a big issue, but I wanted to be able to put up mezuzot properly when I moved. I searched ev... (Miriam Shoshana, TX)
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