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Letters and testimonials from satisfied customers

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my order is good received by me, thank you very much
Guy L. Belgium June 2018
I just get the mezuzah and scroll, thank for you for your great service.
Shawn, Canada February 2018
I received my wooden Mezuzah today and I am very happy please know that I will be doing more business with you because your integrity is impeccable. I am already telling others here to order from you. Thank you very Much.
Tom O., USA July 2017
I cannot believe how pleased I was when I received my mezuzzot. I purchase five and first of all they are so reasonably priced but when I received them I was astounded. The quality of them are beyond what I expected. The were delivered within 5 days to the UK and I found aJudiaca to be very professional and helpful in my enquiries. I would definitely recommend using them in the future.
Laura F., UK March 2017
TODA RABA! That's exact the reason why I like to buy from Ajudaica! Your excellent service and quick replies. Have a nice day, Shalom!
Jantine G., Netherlands August 2013
Thank you! He received the Mezuzah and he LOVES it. It was just in time for his Bar Mitzvah. When I need another gift, I will certainly think of you! With gratitude,
Layne, U.S. May 2013
Thank you so much! Thank you very much for also providing a superb website where I am able to purchase religious items directly from Israel.
Angeline J., USA June 2012
Shalom, I just receive my shipping and i'm very happy because it came very fast.Thanks very much and Shalom Aleichem.
Carlos O., U.S. May 2012
I need to tell you how happy I am about my wonderful Chai necklace and my wooden mezuzah. I live in Vienna and will soon convert to Judaism. My Mezuzah reminds my every day of the new path I chose in my life and my necklace is simply gorgeous to look at ! Thank you so very much for your excellent service and quick shipping! I am sure that in a while IŽll order some more things from your Page since I moved recently and more mezuzot will be needed......
Mira M., Vienna September 2011
I just received the Mezuzahs and they are absolutely beautiful! All my friends asked me where you can find this beautifull Mezuzahs - thanks for the support. G"d bless you all.
Frank P., Germany March 2011
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